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Emerging Trends in Europe 2019:Lisbon takes the lead

Emerging Trends in Europe 2019 ranked the real estate markets in major European cities according to their overall investment and development prospects.

With some of Europe’s major markets judged to be peaking, attention is shifting to smaller, dynamic cities; the “risking stars”.

This year’s choice for overall prospects is Lisbon, rising 10 places to number one. Interviewees cite the city’s “quality of life” and “positive” leadership. Plus, it’s seen as a late-cycle play.

Portugal’s economy is growing healthily and its capital is now an international destination for companies, investors and tourists.

The 10 European cities that are expected to fare best in 2019 are a mix of smaller newcomers, such as Lisbon and the larger, tried and tested markets.  It is no surprise, for instance, that German cities still dominate the top spots for 2019.

2019 2018
1 Lisbon Berlin
2 Berlin =Copenhagen


3 Dublin
4 Madrid Munich
5 Frankfurt Madrid
6 Amsterdam Hamburg
7 Hamburg Dublin
8 Helsinki Stockholm
9 Vienna Luxembourg
10 Munich Amsterdam