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Where investors can buy a second passport and how much it will cost

The United States is one of 23 countries that offer citizenship or a residency visa in exchange for investments, normally in real estate

The United States is hardly the only country that offers immigration opportunities in exchange for investments.

Other countries have their own versions of the EB-5 program in the United States, which provides green cards in exchange for employment-generating investments of $500,000 or more.

Some countries offer citizenship in exchange for investments – normally in real estate – while others offer a residency visa.

Business Insider compiled the following list of countries that offer residency or citizenship in exchange for a minimum amount of investment (denominated here in U.S. dollars):

~Thailand – “elite residency” for $15,253.

~Latvia – residency for $74,973.

~Saint Lucia – citizenship for $100,000.

~Dominica – citizenship for $100,000.

~Antigua and Barbuda – citizenship for $100,000.

~St. Kitts and Nevis – citizenship for $150,000.

~Grenada – citizenship for $150,000.

~ Vanuatu – citizenship for $155,000.

~Moldova – citizenship for $169,292.

~Cambodia – citizenship for $245,230.

~Greece – residency for $290,143.

~Portugal – “golden visa” for $406,200.

~Montenegro – citizenship for $406,200.

~United States – citizenship for $500,000.

~Spain – “golden visa” for $580,286

~Bulgaria – citizenship for $593,384.

~Canada – citizenship for $612,075.

~Turkey – citizenship for $1 million.

~Malta – citizenship for $1 million.

~ Australia – residency for $1.08 million.

~Cyprus – citizenship for $1.74 million.

~New Zealand – residency for $1.98 million.

~UK – visa for $2.57 million.

According to a 2017 survey of wealthy people by CS Global Partners, 89 percent wanted a second passport, and 34 percent had explored investment as a means of attaining citizenship in another country.

Many wealthy individuals seek a second or third passport for travel benefits and tax advantages, and for some, residency or citizenship in another country is a status symbol comparable to an expensive car.